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Security Statement





We are committed to maintaining the security and integrity of information you enter into this web site or otherwise provide to us as part of our service offerings. This statement describes the security features of this web site.


Keep in mind that there is no such thing as absolute or totally effective security. Our goal, however, is to protect our site and our service so that an attacker will not have the resources or the will needed to compromise our security.


Most of the factors that contribute to good security are up to us, and we are taking steps - as described below - to implement effective protection. However, there are some simple steps that you can take to further enhance the security of information you share with us. Those steps are described below under Customer Role.


Transmission of Information


Once you sign on to this web site, all communications between your computer and the web site are protected by encryption. We rely on an industry-standard encryption technique called Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This technique effectively prevents electronic eavesdropping when you are using this web site.


Web Site


Our web site uses industry-standard techniques to protect itself from attack. These techniques include the use of firewalls and strong passwords. We also use backup mechanisms to ensure that we can recover quickly from problems. We use a web browser mechanism called cookies to control the security of your session on our site. Cookies are only used for session tracking on this site and are not used to interact with other web sites.




Our staff is trained in security techniques and we have well understood policies in place to protect the information you share with us.


Customer Role


There are several simple steps you can take to improve your security when you use this web site and our services. Be sure that the computer used to access this web site runs a good, current anti-virus program and is up to date on security patches. Avoid running software that you do not need, especially so-called adware or spyware that can be used to monitor your system. Be sure to sign off (log out) from our site when you are finished using it.


Do not divulge passwords, private financial information, or private personal data to us or to anyone claiming to represent us. We will never ask you for this kind of information. You should immediately be suspicious of anyone claiming to represent us who asks for this kind of information. Also, do not enter this kind of sensitive information into our web site, and do not send it to us in unprotected email messages.