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The Standing Trustee Alliance for Computer Security (STACS) is a program offering of the National Association for Standing Trustees (NACTT). STACS helps Chapter 13 Trustees improve the security of their computer systems to reduce their risk of security-related problems.

The STACS program is designed to work with the Trustee offices to implement an ongoing security process to manage perpetual changes in technology, operations and personnel that impact an office’s security status over time. STACS assesses each office’s computer security posture, identifies practical improvements, develops guidance on implementing appropriate solutions and provides continuous reassessment to monitor the office’s security posture.

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Current STACS Participants , reenroll for the year starting on Oct 1 by visiting this link (Requires active STACS account).

Trustees can login and accept the annual agreement online. Managers with a STACS account can print the agreement, then fax or email a Trustee-signed copy to 1-877-568-2499 or


Not a current STACS Participant? Please contact the STACS Support Team using the link below or 866-782-2763 to obtain STACS accounts for your office. Log into your account when you receive the welcome email. At first login, Trustees will be prompted to accept the Trustee Agreement to complete the online annual enrollment.